Reasons to Try Flex Shot

Staring at an obvious patchwork caulk scar on the base of the sink, or a curling tile on the bathroom floor every morning as you brush your teeth is depressing. These little spots devalue your home, and lessen your enjoyment of home ownership. In this case, it’s not the person trying to make the repair who’s at fault rather it’s the limitation of most caulk and sealant products that leaves these telltale signs of a former crack or hole.

A little nervousness regarding the purchase of a new product is not only normal, it’s prudent, as you don’t know how well your money’s spend on something that’s untested, and untried by other consumers. Flex Shot, visit official site here, is a new product, but it can be considered one with an edge. This is another in a line of well-rated sealants with favourable reviews from past customers.

Home Repairs and Rubber Sealant

Most of us have tried a number of products to ease the problems of minor fix it jobs as inexpensively as possible. It’s heartbreaking to lay down tile and within a month notice the edges around the tub have started to curl. The broken vase that was a wedding present, or the small crack where the door has jarred against a wall could cost too much for professional repair.

After many failures with other types of calk or rubber sealant using Flex Shot has some obvious benefits. Customers point out the price is higher for this product as is true of the Flex Seal line, but results are better. Rubber sealant and rubber glue is easier to come by, but if you’ve attempted these other remedies you are already aware of their limitations. Most rubber sealants are often messy, fail when exposed to moisture, and frequently the residue forms a visible scar on the surface you are trying to fix.

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A Coat and Seal Difference

flex shot double offer learn moreFlex Shot like the sealants from the same manufacturer is able to coat the area of the break defying moisture with a flexible rubberised coating. This lies down much smoother than most sealants, and it’s not prone to “lumping”. This product is geared more to the same jobs you would use caulk and think rubber sealant for, but it is flexible and easier to use on the spot. It’s also possible to use the product in visible areas without having to worry about a running, drippy or puffy messy appearance.

Smoother Application

Since FlexShot comes with it’s own applicator and tubes you don’t have to battle with an uncooperative application gun. There’s also less of a problem with using this product on multiple surface. After turning off the water, you can use the applicator on areas to stop a leak as you would caulking guns, but here’s there’s beading and no stopping and starting typical with that type of application. The result is an almost invisible seal. Because it dries fast, and the seal itself is very tough you can have the repair done quickly. It’s also possible to paint over this line if necessary without a raised seam common with caulk.

Hard to Reach Places

The free tube that comes with this product makes it easier for customers who need to used it to reach places that would be hard to get to with a gun applicator. Some customers have found it necessary to use more force in applying this sealant when using the tubes, but the results are still an even and smooth seamless application.

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Filling Holes and Cracks

In filling holes and cracks this product also receives better reviews than caulk. Caulk often dries hard without truly bonding to the edges of the application, and in doing so shrinks. This will make it necessary to re-caulk, and if necessary repaint the area again. The evidence of having to do multiple re-caulking jobs is lumpiness, and an ever growing raised, or even puffy appearance to the seal.

Using this type of flexible rubberised sealant however reduces the risk of having to reapply as its bonds quickly to the edges of the crack or hole without drying. This fast seal and solid bond keeps the crack from reopening, and results in a stronger more resistant hold.

From Faucets to Tiles

The leak at the base of the sink, the curling tile and the broken vase have little to do with each other except for the fact they all add to the beauty and enjoyment of the home. Most who’ve tried this product agree it’s not only less of chore to use, but results in a more pleasing appearance that lasts.

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